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Brennan Jasso - Fall too Fast
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Brennan Jasso is an up-and-coming Miami Art Pop artist, producer, and engineer. His eclectic musical style incorporates influences from rock, pop, alternative, funk, blues, and really any musical style that crosses his path. His music features dense, lulling vocal choirs and provocative instrumental arrangements that culminate into catchy choruses. Brennan is never afraid to bend the meaning of pop to its furthest extents. He has collaborated with Piro (from Ritmo Peligroso), rising star rapper Swimmer from Miami, Dylan McCue (from the Hails), and Nicolle Garcia. Working diligently as a mastering engineer he has mastered projects by The Handler (Portugal), The YMU Jazz Collective, The Floridians, Seda Sol and many more. When Brennan isn’t working on music he is working as the Product Manager for Singular Sound the creators of the BeatBuddy and the Aeros Loop Studio.


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