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Thank you to all the friends and family that have supported my music and my passion. Special thanks to my mother and father, to my soul brother Gabriel Coto, to Gerardo Porraz, to Marcelo Novati, to Piro Pendas, and to Clark Douglas Burris. Thank you to the many musicians on the record, to Sammy Gonzalez and Andrew Gonzalez from The Bull Pro Studios, to Ivan Alvarez, to Gabriel Goldberg, and to Bill Trainor.

All music performed by Brennan Jasso except (In order of appearance):

Gabriel Kotokosmos
Bass on “Venus, Aphrodite”, “You”, “Somebody”, “I Never Said A Thing”, “The Girl Disappears”, “I’ll Lead On”, “Alma”, “I’m Weird”, “But You’re Weird Too”, and “Elixir”

Theo Braun
Lead Guitar on “Somebody”

Frank Busta
Violin on “I Never Said A Thing”

Leo Cattani
Piano and Keyboards on “But You’re Weird Too” and “I Never Said A Thing”

Marcelo Novati
Drums on “I Never Said A Thing”, “The Girl Disappears”, “But You’re Weird Too”, and “Elixir”

Dylan McCue
Guitars on “The Girl Disappears”


Alex Larionov
Trombone on “But You’re Weird Too”

Jaime Fernandez
Alto Saxophone on “But You’re Weird Too” and “Elixir”
Tenor Saxophone on “Elixir”

Sebastian Pinillos
Tenor Saxophone on “But You’re Weird Too”

Shane Vega
Trumpet on “But You’re Weird Too” and “Elixir”

This album was written and produced by Brennan Jasso

All parts were recorded by Brennan in his room or his closet except:
Drums were recorded at 3monos Studios by Marcelo Novati and assistant engineer Tomas Novati
Brass and Saxophones were recorded at The Bull Pro Studios by Andrew Gonzalez

The album was mixed and mastered by Brennan Jasso in his room

Original Cover Artwork by Bill Trainor and revision edited by Brennan Jasso

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